Download Gujarat Rojgar Samachar (PDF) (27/2/2019)

Download Gujarat Rojgar Samachar (PDF) (27/2/2019)

"The heck,It's already 1 pm now" Ashley talked to herself. she tried to puch harself up but fatigue took over her

Finally she woke up again at 4 pm. she got a call from her sister
"Hello ash guess what happened" her sister said with excitement.

"+you got ajob" ashley said as she guessed randomly.

"uh. uhu it's not me it's you?
"stupo I found a job for you, make sure to give me treat and yes, your half salary is mine"
"I'm not coming right now"
" Shut up you lazy bum, get up and come downstairs right noe I'm waiting you have to give a small test""Can't I go tomorrow?"
You can go tomorrow but I'm busy so come here otherwise I'll kick you hard"
"Aah,, Wait for five minutes
Ashley hurriedly put her black pants on with oversize full selves blouse and scarf and went downstairs. she was wearing quit conservative cloths because whenever she goes out there's a quite amount of people keeps staring her. she has a petite but well dedeloped body and her height was stightly below averagecouple with her baby face no one be]lived she was a sophomore.
"Hehe you should praise me for finding sucha good job for you"
"GOOD JOB my foot, it better be a good one otherwise I'll gonna best you up when we reach home" ashley scowled.'s a good job bellived me . and be ready togive me a treat"
"huh..Whatever" Ashley actually bellived her sister. she knows of thee's a person she can depend on its her sister and her family'.
Although there's some differences between them but when she needs anything her family will halp her out.
ashley and her sister lives with her aunt and maternal grandmother. While her parents lives in anithey city
Ashley and her sister keeps bentering all the way. Finallly they reached the office. Where they were 
greated my a 46 year old man.
"elena, this is Ashley?" he asked politely.
"soAshley type this on computer I;ll he checking your typing skills," he hand out a paper to her
"okay" Ashley nodded and take the papers form his hands.

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